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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Important : Zardens is looking for a permanent DRUMMER black/death to record the third album asap !!! Rehersals in Liege every Friday night !
We need someone involved, skilled and dedicated to Black/Death music style. Zardens is a challenging project and deseverves a great drummer. We thank btw Kevin who supported us during almost 2 years.

Live Report: Mechelen @ Kamikaze Club

Monday, March 21, 2016

We really enjoyed this date ! we shared the stage with great bands, check them all...
Next live for Zardens will be in Liège @ La Zone with Usnea on the 27 of april ! Go to the the Live Performances section for more details...

Lives Report Lille and Brussels

Monday, March 14, 2016

It has been a great pleasure for us to join Slaughter Messiah, Desakralised and Spectre for the last two shows. The crowd in Brussels was insane, he hope to see you for our next show in Mechelen, Vlanderen @ Kamikaze Club, more info in the Live Performances section, see you there headbangers !!!

New Zardens Website !

Monday, March 7, 2016

Welcome to our new website, which aims to sum up our past, present and future activity. Come back regularly, we’ll try to update it every week. Enjoy.

Zardens working very hard for the third album

Monday, February 29, 2016

We are working on 9 new songs in the purest Blackened Death metal style.

Next Lives

  1. Sat



    Fontaine l'Eveque, Belgium

    Metrydia, Thallium, Spectral Damnation, Zardens, Lifestream @ MC Apache

  3. Fri



    TBC Wallonia, Belgium

    TBC ????


Concert History

27/04/16: With Usnea @ La Zone (Liège, Belgium) 11/03/16: With Slaughter Messiah, Desakralised @ El Diablo (Lille, France)
12/03/16: With Slaughter Messiah, Desakralised, Spectre @ Rock Classic club (Brussels, Belgium)
19/03/16: With Deathrow, Ars Veneficium, Streams of Blood, Perthalgiz @ Kamikaze Club (Mechelen, Belgium)

16/01/15: @ La Légia (Liège, Belgium)
17/01/15: With Yrzen, Epidemian @ B52 (Eernegem, Belgium)
21/03/15: Birthday Show ASOM @ (Blegny, Belgium)
11/04/15: With Karne @ Magick (Jambes, Belgium)
25/04/15: Last Deathtination festival @ (Blegny, Belgium)
09/05/15: Dunkelnacht tour, @ Rock Village (Horion-Hozémont, Belgium)
27/06/15: @ Reflektor (Liège, Belgium)
14/08/15: With INQUISITION @ L'Entrepôt - (Arlon, Belgium)
28/08/15: Fiesta city Festival @ Spirit of 66 (Verviers, Belgium)
07/10/15: @ Smile café (Liège, Belgium)
21/11/15: With Spectre and Sepulchral Voices @ Smile café (Liège, Belgium)

11/03/14: With Oranssi Pazuzu, L'Hiver en Deuil @ La Zone (Liège, Belgium)

06/04/13: Festival Metal @ CC d'Alleur (Alleur/Ans, Belgium)
09/11/13: With Excavated, Goat Vomit @ CPCR (Liège, Belgium)

11/02/12: With Signs of Darkness, Discolate @ Carlo Levi (Liège, Belgium)
02/06/12: Iron Fist Festival, with Evil Invaders @ Espace Georges Truffaut (Liège, Belgium)
12/08/12: With IMMOLATION, Summer invasion tour @ Madness (Wroclaw, Poland)
14/08/12: With IMMOLATION, Summer invasion tour @ Wig Wam (Mirano, Italy)
15/08/12: With IMMOLATION, Summer invasion tour @ Kulturfabrik (Lyss , Switzerland)
16/08/12: With IMMOLATION, Summer invasion tour @ 013 (Tilburg, The Netherlands)
22/09/12: Sober Slaughter Festival with Max Pie (Tongeren, Belgium)
13/10/12: With Anki @ CPCR (Liège, Belgium)