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Zardens is back, 2 LIVES in june

Wed, April 18, 2018

2 June 2018: With Sekhmet [CZ] / Zardens / Kraake [CZ] / Inzest [LUX] More info here
15 June 2018: With Wyrms / Karne / Total Hate / Zardens More info here

Zardens in Blackout studio to record their third album

Tuesday, November 8, 2017

Our third album : 9 new songs are recorded. We decided to record it in the Blackout studio in Brussels. We are now mixing all the stuff for an astonish results.

Léo joins the band for the future Studio Recording

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

For our third album : 9 new songs are ready to be recorded asap. We hired Léo to join and make it possible...check band members section...


Next Lives

  1. Sat



    Fontaine l'évêque, Belgium

    Mcp-Apache Music Evenements

  1. Fri



    @Riveter, Nancy, France

    Underground Illumination


Actual Zardenian Members

Warnacht: Lead Guitars - 2008-now
He’s the founding member and the main composer of the band. Highly influenced by the 90’s, he always tries to write the finest riffs, combining aggressiveness, speed and melody. He’s involved in the Belgian metal scene since 1993 and played in several bands (Moribund, Ex Delirium and other projects).
Morholt: Howlings - 2014-now
Quite unsociable and withdrawn, this black metal disciple since 1996 only participated in one black/doom project in Brussels before joining Zardens. He writes all the lyrics, exploring his obsession with death, perversity and suffering and the darkest side of human nature.
Flocky: Rythm Guitars - 2015-now
He played in several metal bands in his hometown of Verviers. He now composes for Zardens, bringing a darker touch to the new songs. He’s also involved in the promotion of the band and he organises concerts for Zardens and many other bands with The Nameless Squad.
Dimitri: Bass Guitar - 2014-now
He is fully dedicated and composes for Zardens. He brings a touch of groove in Zardens music and his bass crack like a whip on stage.
Léo: Studio Drums - 2016-now
He also plays in the several other bands : Do or Die, Silence is the enemy. He brings a great feeling and groove for the next third album.

Past Zardenian Members

Live Drums Sessions - 2016

Drums - 2015-2016

Lead Guitar - 2014-2015

Pascal Moraux:
Lead Vocals, Guitar (studio) - 2009-2014

Fred Kienen:
Bass Guitar - 2011-2014

Drums - 2011-2014

Jonas Sanders:
Session Drums - 2011

Concert History

11/03/16: With Saor, Warcall, l'hiver en deuil @ Moonlight Music Hall (Diest, Belgium)

11/03/16: With Slaughter Messiah, Desakralised @ El Diablo (Lille, France)
12/03/16: With Slaughter Messiah, Desakralised, Spectre @ Rock Classic club (Brussels, Belgium)
19/03/16: W. Deathrow, Ars Veneficium, Streams of Blood, Perthalgiz @ KamikazeClub (Mechelen, Be)
27/04/16: With Usnea @ La Zone (Liège, Belgium)
27/08/16: With Metrydia, Thallium, Spectral Damnation, Lifestream @ MC Apache (Fontaine L'Eveque) 10/09/16: With Mutilation Rites and Wiegedood @ Magasin 4 (Brussels, Belgium)
17/11/16: Grimm Gent event @ Musiekcentrum (Gent, Belgium)

16/01/15: @ La Légia (Liège, Belgium)
17/01/15: With Yrzen, Epidemian @ B52 (Eernegem, Belgium)
21/03/15: Birthday Show ASOM @ (Blegny, Belgium)
11/04/15: With Karne @ Magick (Jambes, Belgium)
25/04/15: Last Deathtination festival @ (Blegny, Belgium)
09/05/15: Dunkelnacht tour, @ Rock Village (Horion-Hozémont, Belgium)
27/06/15: @ Reflektor (Liège, Belgium)
14/08/15: With INQUISITION @ L'Entrepôt - (Arlon, Belgium)
28/08/15: Fiesta city Festival @ Spirit of 66 (Verviers, Belgium)
07/10/15: @ Smile café (Liège, Belgium)
21/11/15: With Spectre and Sepulchral Voices @ Smile café (Liège, Belgium)

11/03/14: With Oranssi Pazuzu, L'Hiver en Deuil @ La Zone (Liège, Belgium)

06/04/13: Festival Metal @ CC d'Alleur (Alleur/Ans, Belgium)
09/11/13: With Excavated, Goat Vomit @ CPCR (Liège, Belgium)

11/02/12: With Signs of Darkness, Discolate @ Carlo Levi (Liège, Belgium)
02/06/12: Iron Fist Festival, with Evil Invaders @ Espace Georges Truffaut (Liège, Belgium)
12/08/12: With IMMOLATION, Summer invasion tour @ Madness (Wroclaw, Poland)
14/08/12: With IMMOLATION, Summer invasion tour @ Wig Wam (Mirano, Italy)
15/08/12: With IMMOLATION, Summer invasion tour @ Kulturfabrik (Lyss , Switzerland)
16/08/12: With IMMOLATION, Summer invasion tour @ 013 (Tilburg, The Netherlands)
22/09/12: Sober Slaughter Festival with Max Pie (Tongeren, Belgium)
13/10/12: With Anki @ CPCR (Liège, Belgium)